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Greetings to everyone here.

Greetings to everyone here.

And delegates from #BLWZoneC #BLWUNILAG just arrived at the Olusegun Obasanjo Library for the Public Service and Governance Bootcamp 1.0. Proudly AfricaforAfrica Youth Initiative. #Blwcampusministryrocks

#SoulWinnerAtWork #EWCAZ3 #CGI #Uganda

#Soulwinner@work #EWCAZ3 #CGI #Uganda

Is my highly esteemed Zonal Pastor's birthday!! Is celebration time!!! Glory!! #PTO182019 #SOULWINNINGONMYMIND

I am good for the kids! Great for the Teens!! Excellent for Adults!!! My name is Super FM Am just SUPER for everyone!

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#SoulWinnerAtWork #EWCAZ3 #CGI #Uganda

Simba says HI' to you all.

#soulwinneratwork #EWCAZ3 #CGI

RHAPSODY LANGUAGE HIGHLIGHT- SOTHO-TSWANA Today’s Language Highlights is on some Southern Africa languages namely: Setswana and Sesotho, languages; a group of closely related southern bantu languages spoken in Southern Africa by roughly 16 million people. The question of rank and seniority is one that is very important to the Sotho-Tswana people. It determines a lot from family relationships, to village matters to relationships between clans and between the different tribal groups. By penetrating these language speakers, we will be influencing important decisions and choices that will exalt the name of Jesus and bring seasons of hope and peace to their land. Rhapsody of Realities is available in these bantu languages and you can adopt any or all of these languages today! You can also adopt a state, a city, a street, a home, a family, a soul and be a part of spreading this gospel all around the world.

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