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I have the best dad in the world. Thank You Sir for Making my life beautiful. Am forever Grateful. #ph729 #lifeoffaith #exceptionaldad

I have the best dad I have the best dad I have the best dad I have the best dad

You have impacted my life Sir in ways only tongues can describe, You set the Word in my heart in ways no blacksmith could inscribe, You have saved a generation by what You have put on my inside, Happy Birthday Father, I love You so dearly Sir! #ph729 #lifeoffaith #exceptionaldad

And the whole world will know that my Father is a Man Of Faith. Ever inspiring, Always winning. I Love You Sir. #ph729 #lifeoffaith #exceptionaldad

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Celebrating A Man of Faith,,,,,,,, thank you so much Sir for been a loving and caring, Father, a Pastor, and a Leader,,,,, Thank you for transforming my life with God's words.. We are ZONEJ..The Elite Force for the Gospel........ Happy birthday Pastor Sir,,,,, we love you

Happy Birthday Dad.. Thank You for always leading in a perpetual victory Parade, Thank You Sir for You Love,Care and Guidance. I am Grateful Sir. #ph729 #exceptionaldad #lifeoffaith

Happy Birthday To Father Extraordinaire!! I'm So Grateful For How You've Built My Life With The Word And For The The Trainings Over The Years. My Faith Hero!!! Oh! How I Love You Sir. #PH729 #lwzoneJ

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank You Sir for teaching and showing us Faith. Thank You Pastor Sir For been the best Father in the world. #Ph29 #CelebratingFaith #blwzonej

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"THANK YOU" IS JUST NOT ENOUGH SIR! SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE FROM CHRIST EMBASSY GOLD CENTER! Sir, thank you so so much for your love for us, your personal sacrifices for us and your passion to ensure we are continuously updated with the latest move of God's Spirit. Thank you sir, for showing us the REAL life and training us how to live it. Now you have made us champions for all times and the whole world wonder at us. Thank you sir for not withholding anything from us, but pouring all of you into us; Now, we win everywhere and at every count. Sir, all your children in Christ Embassy Gold Center is wishing you a very happy birthday sir. We love you so so dearly sir.

Hello People! THMN is ready!!!! We are the next big thing!!!

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