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Favourite PDB quote "I am dangerous to danger"😀 - Pastor David Bankole HBD Sir #PDB

Favourite PDB quote
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We are set for children's Day. Join us now. #childrensday #ceaccraghanazone

Aujourd'hui nous celebrons le père d une multitude de nation notre pasteur père et prophet #Ewcavz4 #poket2105

Photo Highlight!! Christ Embassy Largo had their 10-for-1 Campaign On Sunday 20th May 2018. The kids Had A Talk show on why They Are Partners And The Benefits of Sponsoring Copies of Rhapsody of Realities . They encouraged Parents and Their Friends to Participate in the Mandate. At the end, More Sponsors Were Raised, and Existing Partners Increased Their Partnership. #Childrenschurchrocks #Loveworldchildrenministry

I am ready for the first ever "ONLINE SOUL WINNERS CONGRESS WITH PASTOR CHRIS" #OSWC2018 #soulwinnerscongress2018 #supernaturalsoulwinner

If you are a SOUL WINNER, you cannot miss this opportunity, so get registered and BE READY for it.

Celebrating our hero our Pastor #Ewcavz4 #po2105

Updated his profile photo

Prosperity in the kingdom doesn’t answer to fasting, nor does it answer to prayer, or prayer of agreement! It only answers to your understanding and practice of covenant details!

We had a wonderful time.


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