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Stand in the gap for someone today!

Stand in the gap for

Happening now! The unveiling of the first ever Rhapsody Bible in Igbo language #RhapsodyBibleinIgbolanguage.

Happy birthday CSO, enjoy your day, keep Spreading... Love you.

Reminiscencing on #IMC2016 what a glorious experience! #cewarrizone #cewzch3

I enjoy and Experience a Glorious fellowship &Transformation from Gory to Glory #cebeninzone3 #iamasoulwinnercebz3 #iamonthewinningteamcebz3

Blessed are those that morn for souls for they shall be comfort ed. # intercession

The advantage with us church boys. We move with the Holy Spirit. When we propose; u better have ushers behind u. Bcos we slain in d Spirit.

i am more than a Conqueror, a Victor and a Success Forever! #cebeninzone3 #iamasoulwinnercebz3 #iamonthewinningteamcebz3

#totalexperienceportharcourt #cephzone3


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