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THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH! I'm a health-child of a health-God. The name of Jesus is named upon me, and in His name I walk in strength, health and vitality! I'm full of joy always, and the joy of the Lord is my strength! My merry heart does me good like medicine, effecting a cure whenever and wherever it's needed! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Get more confessions at Follow this superuser now to get regular updates. #faithproclamations #supernaturalhealth #healingtothenations #hspartner #hspn


Happy birthday to my lovely Sister Joyce. The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places. I love you dearly #CEDallas

AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 3RD MAY. I affirm that the God has blessed me with all spiritual blessings and have made me a blessing. I am a carrier and dispenser of God's innumerable blessings to a hurting and dying world. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, born with the life and nature of God. I am fashioned to manifest God's glory, perfections and grace everywhere I go. I am the icon of the resurrected Christ, an associate of the God-kind, born to manifest His righteousness and dispense the goodness and excellence of Him who has called me into His marvelous light. I walk by the same principles of faith by which my Heavenly Father made the heavens and the earth! Today, by my affirmations of faith, I frame my world and cause the circumstances of my life to synchronize with God’s perfect will for me. My victory is undeniable, and all the blessings and results of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are evident in my life. Glory to God! God bless you. #NCVZ1 #INFLUENCE #SUPERNATURAL #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

Declare that through our prayers, we release sound codes to cause miracle and supernatural monies to locate the brethren such that they are willing to give even beyond their abilities. Their prosperity will know no limits as they continue to favor God’s righteous cause and advance the kingdom and the BLW nation through their finances.  Pray that all the people, materials, resources and opportunities that are required to fulfill the mandate come to us by free course. (Ps 35:27 2Cor 9:8; Romans 8:32) #rorruk2018 #ceukzone3

Dear Pastor, a very warm Happy Birthday to you, ma! There are a thousand and one reasons to say, 'Thank you!' I'm so glad you came and that's so simply said. Have a fantastic year full of unexplainable testimonies, ma!

A big 'THANK YOU' to all Sponsors, together we will do much more!

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 3RD MAY #ceTreviso #ceItaly #WEVZ3 #Supernatural‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 👉 Special gift

Daily Faith Confession with Pastor Chris #ceTreviso #ceItaly #WEVZ3 #Supernatural 👉 Special gift

Rhapsody of Realities - Pastor Chris: *Empowered To Prosper* Thursday 3 May #RoR #Supernatural 👉 Special gift

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