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I declare that all our teenagers are hooked up to the things of God. yes they are soul winners #mydeclaration

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I declare that I am diligent in all that is committed to my trust and I stand amongst kings. #my declaration.

I degree and declare that I function in the knowledge of God's truth

#Mydeclaration I am confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in me will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ

Nations of the world are opened to me.I can not be refused cos the earth is the Lord and its fullness thereof. I own d world #mydeclaration

The Lord is my portion and therefore all things are mine. The Lord is my strength: I am always strengthened. #MyDeclaration

Victoria is bold and strong. She is intelligent, smart and sharp in her studies. The greater one lives in her. Halleluia!

I declare that we are all trained to be conscious to heavenly realities! We act accordingly to who we are! #MyDeclaratios

I declare that my Cell is growing, numerically, spiritually and financially. Men and women of war are raised from my cell #MyDeclaration

I declare that all my siblings & families re saved. All are rooted & grounded in Christ, worshipping Him in spirit & truth #mydeclaration

Glorious thingz are spoken and heard of me ,am making tremendous progress in my business ,porchstephy brand has come to stay #mydeclaration

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