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#elitesoulwinnersbootcamp #iamwise #blwzonef #campusministryrocks

#elitesoulwinnersbootcamp #iamwise #blwzonef #campusministryrocks

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Happy birthday Rev Ray Sir. It can only be for you, from glory to glory. May God's grace abound towards you continually in Jesus name. My family and I love & appreciate you Sir. You are indeed a great blessing to the Loveworld Nation and the body of Christ at large.

#aheadshipconvention #ceaz

A glorious and blissful birthday to you, highly esteemed Rev Ray,Sir. Thak you, Sir for the amazing love you showed to my family & me. I love you ,Sir.

#elitesoulwinnersbootcamp #iamwise #blwzonef #campusministryrocks

Just imagine God giving you a blank check and asking you to write the amount you want to give this year into the Gospel. What do you see? 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥 Write the amount Glory to God 🥳🥳🥳🥳

#SoulwinningChallenge Cell leaders of Christ Embassy Zaria Group seize their catchment for Jesus through one on one evangelism. Indeed, God has sent us out to prepare men for his coming and the work must be done with speed as the time is short. #NorthernRegion #nwz1 #prs

Happy Birthday to Our So Sweet Mummy we love you so very much

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