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Updated his profile photo

And the number of disciples increased as a result of HLC BENIN.#hlcbenin.#hlcbeninmidwestzone#hlcsiluko1.#hlcsiluko1group7

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Happy birthday Pastor ma. You're such an inspiration! Your passion for the things of the kingdom are mind blowing ##prhoda240917 #prhoda

Happy birthday pastor Rhoda. Thank you so much for all you are doing for the teenagers. CE AWOYAYA Teens church celebrate with you today ma

HIGHLIGHTS : ONLINE PRAYER AND COMMUNION SERVICE WITH THE ESTEEMED ZONAL DIRECTOR. Live participation of the brethren from their homes...#cephzone3 #totalexperienceportharcourt #onlineprayerandcommunion #opcswithpastorjoy

🇰🇪Today on Afternoon Tea with PTAD on Ptadzworld we would be examining why it is important to VOICE WHAT YOU BELIEVE! We must understand that there is tremendous power in our words! Those "small" words you feel are not important actually go a long way in shaping your life and the circumstances surrounding your life! Remember to connect with us on Kings Chat, Ceflix, Loveworld Radio, LOVEWORLD TV, Instagram, Facebook,, YouTube and still counting...!! Write us at to request for and participate in our monthly giveaways! Kindly download the #free copy of my favorite book Rhapsody of Realities in any language of your choice by clicking on this link I love you! Speak soon!⚘❤👑🌍 #pastorchrisonline #pastorchrispedigree #ptadzworld

Updated his profile photo

She opens her mouth with Wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness. Happy Birthday dear Sister Bolaji.

#ROsa2017 "This book is nice" said Mama Adelaide 89 as we read ROR for her she accepted Jesus & we taught her how to confess the WORD!Jesus✋

Hurray!!! Happy birthday pastor Rhoda. CE AWOYAYA Teens church join the angels to celebrate U. Thank you for inspiring us so much. WE LUV U

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