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Is another Refreshing time with my dear pastor

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from glory to glory God is taking us.thank you lord.Grace team rocks. #cekano #nvz3

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i I'm a superhero

Making Power available. #blwsazoneprayerrally #groupe

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I can't wait to hear from our Man of God, Pastor Chris, what the Lord has for us in this month of April. glory! #CEAccraGhanaZone #CEsunyani

PREPARE YOUR HEART FOR THE WORD It is your responsibility to make your heart ready for the Word of God. You have to cultivate your spirit, that is, prepare it for the entrance of God’s word. The Bible tells us to stir up the gift of God in us. That gift is the Holy, and one way to stir up His power in you is through speaking in tongues. When the power is stirred, it becomes easy for the word to get into your spirit and sink deep into your consciousness. When your spirit is cultivated, you’ll keep experiencing a harvest of the Word in your life. Be prepared and write down your expectations...

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