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Preserved in Jesus Christ; sanctified by His precious and holy blood; sealed by His Holy Spirit of promise.

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A place of appointment with divinity. Don't miss it!! #mtc2019 #IKORODUisBIG #teensconference #celz1rocks

Happening Now - April Global Communion Service at CE Mississauga, Canada #Canada #TGOHPCAN #CEMississauga

My Boast is in you, Jesus. Am confident in your word Jesus

SECURING YOUR PASSWORD 6.Complexity still counts. To increase complexity, include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. A password should use at least 3 of these choices. To make the previous example more secure: โ€œBread & butter YUM!โ€

Loving u all

Standing with a Nifor soul. #Thankyoupastormary #cemidwestzone #cesilukogrou#cesiluko1 #ceazuwa

I'm sealed of the Lord!๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ› Everything recognizes that seal on me on earth, above the earth & underneath! I AM BRANDED! Eyaaaaaaaaa! Babaye!!! I belong to somebody Powerful! I'm made of His character! I KNOW WHO I AM! This is my mindset! My Sunesis! Eeeeeeehh! I AM ESTELLE!!!๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿพ

FINAL MOMENTS AT THE SECOND HEALING SERVICE The man of God, Pastor Chris, led the congregation in a joyful celebration for the display of the mighty works of God manifested during the service and heartily recognized the visiting ministers who were present to witness the healing power of God. He exhorted the students who were ministered to and the congregation on our walk in Christ as new creatures. โ€œPractice using the name of Jesus and let your faith become strong in that name. Thereโ€™s absolutely nothing we cannot do with His name,โ€ he expounded.ย  The service came to the final moments with made an altar call led by Pastor Chris and many came forward to give their hearts to Christ. Partners of the Healing School were not left out in the special acknowledgements; for their work in changing lives. With proclamations of faith and words of blessings graciously released by the man of God, congregants left the unforgettable second healing service, full of faith and power. The 2019 Healing School Autumn Session continues with doubtless testimonies that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Glory to God!

Have you told someone? What are you waiting for? Shout it on the mountain top!!! #mtc2019 #IKORODUisBIG #teensconference #celz1rocks

I am confident in your word My boast is you God

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