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It doesn't matter what the situation, if it's faith it will win!

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Don't get anorexia of the spirit because the Word is what puts you over! #businesscell

thank you pastor for giving me the platform to express my love for the master

God is faithful. He is never early nor is he ever late . He is always right on time. Glory to God.

Happy awesome Birthday to you Sir. Your Humility in the Lord set to us the eg . W love and Respect you Sir. Dcn Hans Peter/ Sis Gilda ERB

Thank you Pastor. This will inspire me to do more in the coming year.

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2016 IPPC

Happy birthday @kristyphronesis You are such an amazing person who is sold out for the gospel.May you continue doing what you do I love you

Only a few days left to our teens anniversary #CeKensington #level4unlocked

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