Rodrique Kazamba: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Thank You Esteemed Pastor Angel Chigbu For Your Labour of Love with The Translation Service in the Swedish Language. For More Information on How To Sponsor A Translation call now on +2348123445880 Follow us on kingschat @nmtech. To sponsor use the Kings pay code NMTP1

A father and a boss!!! Celebrating Grace #PPE0704 #HappybirthdayPPE #TheRevelator #Ajegunlegroup #celagoszone2

Still celebrating Esteemed Pastor Godwin, thank you for all you do in our Zone to move the work forward. Your light shines ever brighter. From glory to glory, grace to grace, faith to faith.

Happy Glorious Birthday to you Esteemed Brother Fred Philips. Today we celebrate a Son of consolation, An ardent follower of our man of God, A passionate partner, A lover of God and people Thank you Sir for all you do for the gospel. It's a new season of grace and supernatural advancement for you. In your path there's no darkness at all. You are full of light and your life is from glory to glory. We love you dearly Sir. #cemcph #revray

Updated his profile photo



#CEOWERRI1 LUNCH HOUR SERVICE WITH THE ESTEEMED PASTOR COMFORT AMENKHIENAN. Sharing from the theme of the month, "The Month of Truth" the Esteemed Pastor Comfort shared on the following: In these end times, satan will be allowed by God to run this world because men love darkness than light, that's why he'll run this world through the antichrist for a certain period of time with another called the false prophet. Satan will give to the man of sin, his power. Those days will be terrible days of darkness. When you understand this you can know what's happening around the world. The bible is truth and it's the truth. #CEOWERRI #SEREGION


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