chinedu ogwuazor: usher 's be advised pastor on KingsChat Web

usher 's be advised pastor is coming with overdose

usher 's be advised pastor

The Holy Spirit is My Counsellor. #BeInspired #NOBAccra05022016

Jesus He is everything. Pastor Chris #NOBSA2016

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Working in Ushering during Nobsa was an experience. I have never worked in ushering department but enjoyed it. #NOBSA2016

In life nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude of achieving his goals!! #Spread #IncreaseInAbility #Prosper

I'm spreading on every side The lord is with me There's no stopping me From the east, west, north and south I spread #songofthespirittome

father in the name of Jesus I understand frm the wrd of God tht utake charge of circumstantaces if I let u, I pray tht u oder ma steps today

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updated their profile photo

When you get home tell Satun u hv no place here #NOBSA2016

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