Oshinaike Kayode: Happy Mother's Day ma. Thank on KingsChat Web

Happy Mother's Day ma. Thank you so much ma for your love and care towards me and the brethren. I love you ma

Happy Mother's Day ma. Thank

Happy Mother's Day to my wife of life. Ure indeed my perfect gift. Thk u 4 d luv, care & d sacrifices u make 4 us . I & Keyla love u dearly.

8 DAYS OF GLORY SHORT NOTES (PART 4) #8DAYSOFGLORY #cesazone1 *What is our portion? Spreading and Flourishing! * Don't take the devils ministry. * Something I have learned is that the devil does not sympathize with anyone. * Instead of crying God is asking what is in your hand. * If you give God that thing he will multiply it. * God is big!!! * Psalms 92; even in old age you will still bear fruit. * You're in church, don't think that your progress is in copying someone in the world. * Don't be agitated, why are you in hurry? * As long as Jesus has not come yet, keep giving. * You are the the helper! * All things are yours, live in that consciousness * RELY ON THE LORD! -Pastor Ose Oyakhilome

I celebrate all mothers as I celebrate you. I have seen, at close quarters, the beauty of your motherhood. Happy Mothers day. #mothersday

Healing School Sponsorship Sunday after Church #ewcavz4 #cebonaberi

Are you ready??? One word from God would transform your life. Register at www.blwzonej.org #overcomingaddiction #blwzonej

Souls, souls and souls!!! What an awesome harvest @ #CELUGBEFHA1 #bringinginthesheaves

5 days to go; as we count up to #SNOBA

What a Glorious Bringing in the sheaves. The auditorium was filled @ #CELUGBEFHA1. Glory to God. Thank you Pastor Uyi #bringinginthesheaves

When Pastor Ose sings 😍😍😭😭😭🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

Specially Celebrating All our mothers of the BLW Nation .We rejoice with you everyday thank you for Blessing us all. Kindly like and share so all mothers receive it

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