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True humility is receiving the Word into your heart and acting accordingly, making definite changes in your character.

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An atmosphere of worship kicks off a special time of impartation with Pastor Benny Hinn. LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/p37du

True humility is submitting yourself to the authority, influence, and impact of God’s Word.

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God doesnt live in eternity, Eternity lives in God, I believe that's why God laid eternity in the heart of man. Waouh!!! #mhis #ewcavz4

There’s no need for you to keep trying or striving to exalt yourself; just be humble.

What a night! History made & I witnessed it. My life has changed. Thank you sirs. Thank you Jesus!

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The expression I give cos I know that I've got what it takes to exude excellence ALWAYS #15DOER #ThePowerOfYourMind #BLWUNN We rock!

Emulate the humility of Christ and others given to us in the Scriptures who walked in excellent humility of heart.


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