Princess Eucharia Benedict: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Men and brethren, please be aware that there are imposters using our church name (Christ Embassy Cincinnati) to promote their business deals on kingschat. These people are not members, neither are they affiliated with Christ Embassy Cincinnati. Please don’t be deceived by their business traps. We have attached pictures to show their previous postings on kingschat with our church name. Please note that our account on kingschat is a super user account not an individual account. These people may post as pastors but we don’t know them so please be careful. Thank you and God bless you.

#PrayingNow #GFMN_Ibadan #ceibsouth #Direction #YearOfLights #Team 41

Happening live in Toronto, Canada #TGHOPCAN

Word@work PointeNoire1 #Ce Congo Brazzaville#Ewcaz4. #endchildpovertynow

Updated his profile photo

It's 3 days to go! #GFMN_Ibadan #ceibsouth #Team 40 #YearOfLights #swreg #Direction

Updated her profile photo


Gloryyy.. am so excited to wish my Pastor,father,friend &my love a happy birthday! Thank you for all you do in ministry and in my life. You are a special blessing to your world. Keep following our Man of God. I love you huge. #IconicFollower #CePillar2 #Group6 #CEAccraGhanaZone

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