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🎉✨CELEBRATING AN ICON OF GRACE✨🎉 Happy Birthday To Our Esteemed Pastor Tayo Ojo Thank you for your commitment to the spread of the Gospel through your givings. Enjoy supernatural grace, expansion and increase on every side. We love and appreciate you!

Lisa Bonet


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Ilean Richards


Happy birthday Pastor Tayo Ojo Sir. We love you dearly

Grace Albert


Happy birthday Pastor Sir once again. We love you

Edwina Koffie


Happy Blissful Birthday Pastor Tayo. My heart is exploding with the Highest Praise & Thanksgiving to God for another Glorious new age. May you continue to enjoy God's richest and greatest grace in abundance. I love and appreciate you dearly. Enjoy and have a beautiful day🎊🎉🎊🎉🎈💃💃🎈🎉🎊



Happy Birthday Pastor Tayo. Here’s to more grace, wisdom and God’s richest blessings in Jesus Name. Amen! 🎉💥🌺🎂



Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Tayo. God bless you

Fiona Macey


Happy birthday dea Pastor Tayo... you are indeed a burning and a shining light. Keep shining and winning in your month of GRACE and our year of PREPARATION. 💥🎂



Happy Birthday Pastor Tayo. We love you so much. More grace is added to you in the name of Jesus. Have a great day.

mabel Cecatford Ukvz1


Happy birthday pastor Tayo sir, l celebrate God's grace and faithfulness in your life, love you sir.

Abiodun Oluokun


Happy Birthday Pastor Sir Grace Extraordinary all the way💃💃💃💃



Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you so much Sir for your love. Words cannot describe how grateful I'm for the teachings and the opportunity you gave me grow in ministry. I love you dearly Sir. Have a wonderful celebration Sir.

IT'S DAY 4 OF OUR EXPOSẸ́ ON GRACE Learn how to increase in knowledge & ability through the word of God in your spirit. #AnExposeonGrace #A14DaysStudy #watchonpcdltv #MonthofGrace #WEZ4 #Germany

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Its CE Abu Dhabi 1- 24Hour-Prayathon! Friday 19th-20th February, from 8pm Saturday 8pm GMT +4 WE ARE STILL PRAYING.......JOIN US! ARE YOU READY FOR THE GRAND FINALE . 🎷🎷@7:00pm-8:00pm 🎷🎷 USE BELOW ACCESS LINK:

LOVEWORLD Campus Word Drive on PCDL has started and we are in Day 6 - Activating The Power Of God airing now on #Ipreparewithdgospel #pcdlworddrive #a30daystudyonpcdl #watchonpcdltv

LOVEWORLD Campus Word Drive is on with Day 6 Study titled Activating The Power Of God airing now on #Ipreparewithdgospel #pcdlworddrive #a30daystudyonpcdl #watchonpcdltv

Let us not forget those who use their leadership position for political/personal and self promotion. If your a Christian and not encouraging actual physical church gathering you are worse than those putting together policies to discourage people meeting. Don't do that!

Join in Day 6 Study on LOVEWORLD Campus Word Drive on PCDL with Activating The Power Of God airing on #Ipreparewithdgospel #pcdlworddrive #a30daystudyonpcdl #watchonpcdltv

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