вroтнer Mαχωєℓℓ Eναℓ: With my spirit, I take on KingsChat Web

With my spirit, I take a hold of the eternal realities of the Kingdom, walking in divine health, prosperity, favour and victory. #SS2VZ1

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I am making progress & winning every day, by the power of the Spirit which is at work in me mightily.Glory to God! #TeamCalabarRocks #SS2VZ1

I choose to walk by faith and not by sensory perceptions! #TeamCalabarRocks #SS2VZ1

The Word of God is my life; therefore, my faith will never stand on the wisdom of men but on the Word of God. #SS2VZ1 #TeamCalabarRocks

I affirm that the Word of God is building my faith strong and exposing me to the realities of the Kingdom. #SS2VZ1 #TeamCalabarRocks

I'm impregnable to sickness and disease, in Jesus name. Amen. #TeamCalabarRocks #SS2VZ1

My life is from glory to glory! Praise the Lord... #SS2VZ1 #TeamCalabarRocks

My faith is hinged on God’s infallible Word, and I live a life of victory, excellence, dominion, and power. #SS2VZ1

My mind is anointed for growth and supernatural success! #TeamCalabarRocks #SS2VZ1

God's Word enriches me with the right mental attitude to situations and interpretations of those situations. #SS2VZ1 #TeamCalabarRocks

I live by the power of the Holy Spirit and not by the blood that flows through my natural body. Glory to God! #TeamCalabarRocks #SS2VZ1

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