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depend on the holyghost. he is the extra ordinary strategist. #ce egbe# #CeLagosZone2 Buisiness Forum#

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Thank you sir for words that money cannot buy. Thank you for impartation that strength cannot bestow. Thank you for love immeasurable.

https://kingsch.at/p/33hdf5r #midyearthanksgiving #celz5 #ceakilo

Happy birthday to a helper of the work. Bro Austin. Shine on

"When the anointing is corrupted, a man becomes like a devil. He starts doing supernatural things that are destructive" Pst Chris #cecanada

She made foundations school!!!

The way iam...

Mid-year thanksgiving has really indeed been a blessing danced all the way thru the service

HBD big Sis, thanks for your sisterly love all these years. I love you specially.

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Happy Birthday Lovely Andrea We're thrilled to be witnesses of your great journey. An extraordinary future beckons. Stay solid in His path

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