Pst Jeff/Godjay: #vision400 The trend of The on KingsChat Web

#vision400 The trend of The Spirit for our nation. And we'll deliver on every side as the Spirit leads us onto 400% increase in Jesus name.

#vision400 The trend of The #vision400 The trend of The #vision400 The trend of The

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Roxanne is only a few days to go. Are you ready!!! #rocan #cecanada #can150

We are indeed building lives and building dreams #cecanada #rocan

REACH OUT CANADA!!! The Messenger Angel is flourishing in Canada! #ROCAN #CECANADA

God has given me all things that pertain to life and godliness, therefore I have no sense of lack, disadvantage or limitation.

You'll do things that will put my praise on the lips of men - Rev Tom Amenkienan declared by the Spirit.

Painting Canada with our glorious gospel.. #rocan #cecanada

If you have an Android Phone and a passion for indigent children... Wouldn't it be great if YOU could... ▶Stay Connected with the work of the InnerCity Mission ▶Give 💱in Seconds to meet the needs of Children and Families in need ▶Get Updates on the impact of your Partnership around the world. ▶And more❓ Well... You have it all by downloading the InnerCity Mission APP here ▶ Available soon on the Apple Store #EndChildPovertyNOW

Glorious Day of Bliss @ CE Edmonton on June 25th. #ceedmonton #dobedmonton #cecanada

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