Carolyn Iduh: Happy wedding anniversary pastor sir on KingsChat Web

Happy wedding anniversary pastor sir and ma! Thank you for being an answer to us in Texas zone 1 and 2 ! We love you

Happy wedding anniversary pastor sir
Carolyn Iduh


@gwkinging4j love you too mother 💕💕💕💕



Your page is lovely , I have a business proposition for you ! If you are interested just give it a shot by sending me a dm 🤝

Dcns Gloria Wiggle


Blessings my dear Sis Carolyn. Thank you🙏 We love you back 💜

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When everyone says against you, criticize you, mock you don't worry, God has not finished yet, He has a different say toward ur situation

ANGER WILL COST YOU. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD ⏩ Anger is a quick destroyer. Don’t even try to “tame” it; eschew it. There’re people who won’t fulfil their calling, as it has happened in history, because of anger. Refuse to let anger rule you. Learn more from today’s Rhapsody of Realities devotional. To download the Rhapsody App v 3.0, kindly click here #rhapsodyofrealities  #dailydevotional #nwz1

There's a time that we are just called to say the Word. Watch this favour born message. Get full message on #mediaactivist4christ #pastorChris #mediaactivist #yourLoveworld #loveworldnext #Thanksgiving #Thanksgivingservice #ippc2019 #Imcc19 #thankingpastorchris #imcc2019 #liftchallenge #chrismascarrol

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I'M EXCITED! YES WE CAN! EVERYDAY IS A SEASON OF LOVE, BUT THIS VERY ONE IS A SPECIAL SEASON OF LOVE! We are reaching out to the Inner city Children 🚸. #cebeninzone1 #yeswecan #mediaactivist4christ

We shall be taking Flight even as the Lord is our Pilot. We shall be soaring on Eagle's Wings. He has made our feet like hinds feet. Every step shall be a giant stride. Every move shall be a Significant Attainment. #JointhisChariot #JoinThisFlight #2020 #Obaogo2dworld 🌍

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Luxury Trains in India: Experience the Grand Royalty on Wheels

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