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It Can't Be Faith When You Have a Plan B – Rev Tom Amenkhienan The International Pastors Conference switched to a higher gear on Tuesday morning as the Director of Church Ministry and Organisation and Member of the Central Executive Council of the Church, Reverend Tom  Amenkhienan  shared a strong message on the Integrity of your faith. Reverend Tom declared that faith doesn’t have a Plan B. He remarked that stubborn faith doesn’t give up or give in. Stubborn faith doesn’t quit. It follows through until the manifestation of the required results.  He further charged the delegates to keep talking, “refuse to be quiet. talk your faith. We didn’t come this far to be quiet… Be a walking talking spirit…”  For more updates, kindly follow this Super User and ippcdaily.com.  #ippc2016  #ippcdaily

It Can't Be Faith When

Oooohh wiat! Wait! Wait!...its d award winning minister Jaaaahhdieell!!!!..Glooreeey!!...thank u so much mah...@jahdiel...#IMCC2016

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Massive HBD Pastor Ose! I love you dearly. Your mix of grace, beauty, fervour boldness & results is a wonder. Grateful we are on same team!

#Pose1115 No.7 Relatable

finally IPPC is here

#POse1115 No. 7 She knows how to enjoy her life!

It was really fun today @ my Birthday celebration. Thank you Lord Jesus. #cewarrizone#church6#ippc

#POse1115 No. 8 A great teacher of God's Word!


Happy glorious birthday our dear MUM. Thank you a million times for your love and care for us. We love you very deeply and appreciate you ma. May the Lord continually increase you and cause nations to respond to you! We love you ma. Your children and grandchildren: Fidelia, Chris, Andre, Christabel, Praise and Tiffany SHALOM. CHRIS SHALOM #POSE1115

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