Efem Egbe: Happy birthday brother Goddy Anyogo. on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday brother Goddy Anyogo. Your life is a testimony of God blessing #calmc # teamcalabarrocks

Happy birthday brother Goddy Anyogo.

A day to GAMC2019 #GAMC #CEABAZONE #20thoct2019 #miracleseverywhere #jesusheals #letsmeetthere!

There is only one testimony for the righteous...and it's the fact that "It is well." Those who use the name of God for an excuse to deceptively use others will one day answer to the owner of the name. Keep on saying it is well with my soul.

Updated his profile photo

Reach out my community #ministry #ceidutywa #eastlondon #cesazone1

Your humility to come to Koroduma group for the work of the ministry is a great prove that you're an apostle of pastor Chris and of Jesus Christ. I love you pastor sir! #WeCelebrate #PastorUyiKINGING #OctoberNineteenTwentyNineteen

#CelebratingOurDivineAccess #LuminaryPtt #Ptt2610 Your teachings made me to have more confidence in myself. Thank you Sir.

Our Profound Gratitude goes to our Man of God for this life changing opportunity to affects life's and fulfill Ministry! We Love You Sir!!And to our Highly Esteemed Zonal Secretary Pastor Mike Bazuaye ,we Say Thank you Sir for Greatly leading us on this Victory Parade !!!

Look who we have on today's episode of LOVEWORLD WORSHIP EDITION on LoveWorld Expressions 😎😎😎😎 @pastorsaki @official_jerryk Join us on LoveWorld Plus Tv at 11 am GMT+1. Let us know how you worship God in the comment section😊😊 #lmammedia #loveworldexpressions #worship

Esther from Seychelles is super excited about the GYLF Online Conference and she is ready to participate actively. Register now on http://www.globalyouthleadersforum.org/conference.php and you will be glad you did. Stay expectant!✌ #2019GYLFONLINECONFERENCE

I am the system of heaven and the system of heaven functions in me #monthofministry #howIcarryoutministry #Iaminoffice #ministryinprogress

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