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Happy birthday to an excellent minister in our region, dear Pastor Lorraine Mohulatsi.Thanks for your dedication to the vision of our MOG and to our Regional Pastor. You're walking in extraordinary grace in this next level. We love and appreciate you. #ceedmonton #cecanada

Happy birthday to an excellent
Pastor Mpho Lorraine


Amen! Thank you so much Pastor, I’m grateful

Pastor Benson avin izola


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“Light paints an image, that’s why you have an idea.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

GREAT GRACE AND GREAT FAITH IN ACTION After The Visit By The Highly Esteemed Pastor Ambrose Isesele, wẹ are committed more than ever before to finish the vision God has given us. The vision is clear and we are resolved. Great grace has been released and our faith will produce results. #blwzonea #blwcampusministryrocks

“I am in the future”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

😎Don’t Lose Your Cool! Amen


“We are revealers that’s why we’re the light of the world.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“Hope is for the future, love is for now.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“Time is a location.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Chelsea⚘ Ever so gracious lovely, kind, full of the spirit and grace Thank You for your impact in ministry and for being so inspiring. I love you dearly⚘💕

Happy Birthday Dearest Deaconess Catherine Nwileh-Ibeagha Thank you for your valuable support to Teens Ministry USA Region 2. We love and appreciate you dearly! #cechicago #ceusaregion2 #ceusaregion2teenschurch

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