Bro isaac: Happy birthday pastor sir, your on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday pastor sir, your my pastor, father, teacher and mentor. I celebrate the grace working in your life this year of light. #psdmwenyewe #psdsonofpastorchris #offer25

Happy birthday pastor sir, your

I have come across people but you are different . Thank you for been dependable my dear .Happy birthday my Deputy #cemidwestzone #cesiluko1 #group5 #lighthousechoir

#IEYC 2019 #CampingwithpastorChris #Voyagers

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Happy Birthday to you Pastor Ma.Through the word of God, you have made my life a wonder. Your zeal, love and joyous approach is indeed extraordinary. Me and my family join the host of angels in earth & in Heaven to rejoice with you today. I love you so dearly .

#PSD mwemyewe #PSD son of pastor Chris. Pastor sir, we celebrate you richly. Thankyou for overshadowing us with your love. The nation of Kenya has got one reason to shout, PSD son of pastor Chris, 000000h!, that is somethin to shout about.

The best dad in the world. PSD son of pastor Chris, yes we got something to shout about.

Happy birthday yo my Dearest Pastor Joy. Words are not enough to express your impact in my life, you are a Spirit! You have blessed my family and 1. A woman sent from God. Pastor I Love you

Happy Birthday to My Pastor! My Champion! My Hero! My Mentor. I Love you Pastor Ma.

Happy birthday Pastor Ma. Thank you for teaching me the Word of God like you do. I love you so dearly mom ❤️ #PJA425 #CEPHZONE3

#IEYC2019 #CampingwithpastorChris #Voyagers

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