CE Port Harcourt Ministry Centre: Happy Birthday to you Esteemed on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday to you Esteemed Pastor Emeka Ohiri, Group Pastor ,Airport Road Group, port Harcourt Ministry Center. You are full of inspiration and ever ready to teach, the word of God flows from you like sweet fountain. Your passion for God and excellence is contagious. We celebrate the riches of grace, wisdom and love in you today and always. Thank you for being exceptional in the propagation of the gospel. We love you Sir! #cephmc #revray

Happy Birthday to you Esteemed
Dcns. Faith Idehen


Happy Birthday Pastor, Sir. Thank you for your love so liquid,yet very strong I Love and Celebrate You, Now and Always. #PE828

Dominion Chigozie Jennifer


Happy birthday pastor

Rosemary monye


Happy birthday to my super mentor. #PE828

Jacqueline Kenneth


Happy birthday DadπŸ’ž. #PE828

MY FIRST GIVING MIRACLE EXPERIENCE I remember when I was first invited to Christ Embassy as a student, never in my life had I seen or experienced such excitement or love for the gospel; the word of God being preached seemed so unreal and the testimonies I was hearing from other Christians were out of this world! Is God this real? Can I experience Him the way the others spoke of Him? Can I really put my faith to work and see it work? These questions burned in my heart and I passionately craved answers from God. Then I heard the Spirit of God clearly say to me, put my word to work and see me do wonders in your life! The next Sunday in church, I remember my pastor talking about sowing of seeds and putting our faith to work. Oh was I ready! Though I had no money, I decided I wasn't leaving church without sowing something. I went to drop my shoes on the altar and happily left church that day, not noticing the burning sand on my bare feet or the fact that I was about to trek over 30mins to my house on a hot sunday afternoon with my bare feet. All I felt was this resounding joy and victory in my heart! I stepped out of the church gates and there was this bike man waiting, ready to take me home even when I persistently told him I had no money to pay him. From that day onwards, for the duration of 4 years while I was in school, this bike man would arrive first thing in the morning to take me wherever I wanted to go, school, market, church, anywhere without me paying a dime! That marked the beginning of me being a giver in the house of God. There was no going back! I was sold out to being a partner and ensuring the gospel got to Nations with my financial participation!! Glorryy!!! #COTyookparty #yooktimonies #yooktimony #testifyingyooker #itestifyooker #itestifyyooks

JE ME TIENS AVEC MON PASTEUR POUR LE PCDL #ewcazone2 #happeningthisaugust #pcdlusc2020 #pastorchris #CEBENIN

Awesome time reaching out to students in exam classes with TeeVo. Five million outreaches - my reality #celz1rocks #lwteensministry #Teevolution #5millionoutreaches #lcc2teensandyouths The word is living and Active

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Love is life's greatest experience" . . . #Zeali #00i.

Celebrating the Esteemed Pastor Biola Otenigbagbe (CE Lagos Zone 3) Happy Birthday Ma! Thank You For Making Every Minute on LoveWorldPlus Count

πŸ“’πŸ“’ IT'S THE ISM-KINGSCHAT-CEFLIX SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE!!! WHAT ISM MINISTERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD ARE SAYING!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί Evangelist R. Stephen Wehrli from Global Aflame Network, Germany, shares his awesome experience and the remarkable impact of the ISM-KingsChat-Ceflix Social Media Online Conference. Watch this! #ISM #PastorChris #happeningnow #Loveworld #ISMKCCFC2020 #impactinglivesimpactministries

Kicking off this Sunday 30th August 2020 with Pastor Aloy Okei CE USA Zone 1, USA Region 1 Theme: SUBSTITUTION Part 1 2 Days To GoπŸ’ πŸ’  #pcdlusc2020 #happeningthisaugust

I want to see you in church this Sunday.. Christ embassy Lagos zone 1 Campground. Esteemed pastor lekun balogun will be live and me too. #seeyouinchurch #campground #lz1

TESTIMONIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Read, like, comment and share. God bless you! To watch this week’s special video πŸ‘‡www.enterthehealingschool.org/v #healingtestimonies #healingtothenations

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