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Cerebrating our life coach happy birthday daddy I love you sir #EXTRAODINAIREPNO #EWCAZ2mivip

Cerebrating our life coach happy

Happy Birthday Pastor! Thank you for believing in us so much so... and for seeing the very best in us; you see us being really really big! You have given us the confidence to own the show and the audience everywhere we go! You've build us to Lordshipping. #PP0501 #Indispensable

Happy supernatural PERFECTED BIRTHDAY to my Highly esteemed zonal pastor, Pastor NIYI OLUWALE ISAAC. Pastor sir I love you dearly, thank you for the work you're doing here in Togo. What a rare privilege. #EXTRAORDINAIREPNO #EWCAZ2 #CEMIVIP

Such a special gift we have in you! Grace personified. An Epitome of Excellence #EXTRAORDINAIREPNO #EWCAZ2 #CECERFER1 #CETOGO


HBD Pastor! Sir, thank you for all the ultimate sacrifices and thank you for your selflessness.Thank you for showing us the liquid-love that was in the Father and every time, you shower us and refresh us with the very love. Thank u for manifesting it to us #PP0501 #Indispensable

Happy birthday Sweetheart, I am thankful to God and to our man of God for your life, it's been upward and forward only, it's your year of perfection. More souls, more victories, more impact, I love you dearly. #EXTRAORDINAIREPNO #EWCAZ2


Happy birthday Sis Vivian, what a wonderful way to celebrate in the year and month of Perfection. The Lord perfects all that concerns you this year. With joy you draw from the Wells of salvation. Celebrate in the joy and peace of the Lord. #GloriousWomencell #CentralChurchUKZone2


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