Helen Okon: Breaking News :Demons are checking on KingsChat Web

Breaking News :Demons are checking out of Abuja with speed . Do you believe in Miracles Crusade is here .Angels fully on ground.Join us .

Breaking News :Demons are checking Breaking News :Demons are checking

God makes me willing and makes me do His good pleasures. Philippians 2:13 #cevancouver #cecanada

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..2 add to dis,in case u don't know,My P.Oge is luved by many coz she is a shining light n so can't pass by witout bin noticed#Chec dis out

Happy Birthday Bro. Tony. Congrats. Thanks for being ever so helpful.Much love & God bless u real good & at all times.Keep d EWN&S spread on

My strength comes from the joy of the Lord expressed in my singing, laughter, dancing, words of praise... #powerofyourmind #NVZ3 #Benin zone

Happy Birthday to an epitome of beauty and grace, The Esteemed Pastor Oge Oketunji.Thank you for your contribution to the spread of the ministry. We love you dearly

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I have a Father #countuppastorbrownsbirthday #25th May

Happy birthday Pastor Oge! Charming, Graceful and Purpose & Result driven Thank you for all you do with DPAC #cesapele #MVZ4 #pastorogerocks

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