Pastor Kobby Saah: Happy birthday dear esteemed Pastor on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday dear esteemed Pastor Mike.Thank you for serving in ministry.It's the year of perfection, and you light shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.Happy birthday Sir!!!!

Happy birthday dear esteemed Pastor
Pst Mike Makarios


Thank you esteemed Pastor Kobby. Thank you sir.

❗️Photo Speaks ❗️ Ladies Advance Ottawa..🇨🇦 The PRAYERFUL woman #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #ceottawa

❗️Photo Speaks ❗️ Ladies Advance Ottawa..🇨🇦 The perfect woman #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #ceottawa

❗️Photo Speaks ❗️ Ladies Advance Ottawa..🇨🇦 The consummate woman #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #ceottawa

God is not obligated to honor ideas but He will honor His Word... selah!!! Have you listened to Wordfest2 Day 19? You should - #WordatWork #Wordfest2 #Wordfest2020 #UKZ1 #UKR2Z1 #CEBexleyheath

Children's church is a place where every child ought to be built and trained by and through the Word of God. The Teleos Kiddies Concert was a true reflection of that. How beautiful it is when children praise the Lord 😍. #teleoskiddiesconcert #cekemptonparkgroup #cesazone2

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Happy birthday dear Pastor Mike!! Thank you for the impact that you have made in Canada Region. More grace and favor in all of your endeavors. Keep reigning and winning in Jesus name! I love you! #cebramptonwest #canada

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Happy Birthday Dearest Bro Tammy! Thank you for being a great helper of the work. You are a tremendous blessing to us all and we love & appreciate you so greatly! God has made you a man of influence in your world. You are the light of the world! You are the voice of God to your world! Through you, many turn from darkness to the path of life and righteousness! Continue to impact the world with the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Happy Birthday from all of us! We love you so very dearly! #HappyBirthday #CENorthYork

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