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Still on the epoc making event, CEMWZ RON 2017 LAUNCH In line with our BLW Nation Anthem. All we know is a life of giving and giving lives meaning. We will impact many more lives through RON 2017. So be vitally involved, Put your seed where it counts. We are doing it bigger and better! There is a miracle for you #cemwzronlaunch #cemidwestzone

Still on the epoc making Still on the epoc making Still on the epoc making Still on the epoc making

Happy Super Birthday My Loving,peaceful hubby. Great Son of Consolation. U are a well watered garden and your leaves are evergreen.❤️u baby

Happy Flourishing Birthday Sister Lovina Okpibhi.

Prayerful Preparation always lead to glorious achievements... #ewcavz4PCDLextravaganza #DPACZONALPRAYERRALLY #ewcavz4

Highly Esteemed Pst Louis. Thank you Sir for sponsoring FALA programs $impacting thousands through Medical Outreach Uganda #FALFIMPACTAFRICA

#HLCUKWITHPASTORCHRIS The glory of the present house shall be greater than the former


Highly Esteemed sir! Uganda will never remain the same because of you!!

WE ARE READY TO BE SOAKED. We are ready 4 the Outpourings We are ready 2 Lambano. Alleluhia. #blwtooting #hlcwithpastorchris #ukzone2

Une grande puissance disponible pour plus d'impact par la prière qui prévaut.... #DPACZONALPRAYERRALLY #ewcavz4PCDLextravaganza


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