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Words reveal thoughts, thoughts determine actions, the aggregation of actions determine success or failure. I am not conformed to this world

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A very big congratulations to the fastest growing blw artiste. #mylightshineseverywhere #pastorisraelimc7 #youarethebest #thankyou

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RHAPSODY INSPIRE: Did you know that there’re positions of prayer, and that the different positions you assume when you pray are important? For example, lying on your bed to pray is one of the positions of prayer. When you lie on your bed to pray, it’s meditative. Then, there’s kneeling down to pray. When you want to pray on your knees, it’s important that you’re specific and clear as to the things you want to pray about. Then there’s the standing position. Jesus said, “And when ye stand praying, forgive...” (Mark 11:25); why? It’s because when you stand to pray, it’s often a prayer of faith that proceeds from your mouth; you start making decrees!  Share your thoughts on today's devotional.

Let us pray....... #blwsazoneonlineprayerrally #blwsazone

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Hbd franky Richboy you re a blessing to the church. #kingingzone#kingingzone

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