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Na sooo.

HBD WOG & PRINCIPAL FS! passionate, humble, zealous and committed to the gospel. Keep EXCELING EXCELLENT! #CEWARRIZONE #CHR2 #CEUPPEREREJUWS

*THE MESSAGE OF THANKSGIVING* Pastor Chris *"And out of them shall proceed THANKSGIVING and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small" (Jeremiah 30:19)*. If you look into your life and the receding year in retrospect, you’d find that the Lord has been so gracious and kind; His love, mercy and grace have seen us through a very remarkable year. Therefore, in celebrating all that He’s done for you, there’re four important things to do in your gratitude and appreciation. 1- *Your Prayer Of Thanksgiving.* From your heart to the Lord, Pray and Thank Him, appreciating Him for a most successful year. 2- *Your Worship & Praise of Thanksgiving.* Give Him praise for all He has done and all He is. 3- *Your Testimony Of Thanksgiving.* Tell of what He’s done in your life. Here, you’re not thinking about what you seemingly “didn’t get” or the goal you set to achieve by the end of the year that didn’t quite pull through; rather, you’re grateful for the joy of the Lord that’s in your heart. You’re thankful for the foundation of your spirit; the foundation of faith that God gave you! You’re thankful for the hope in your spirit. 4- *Your Offering Of Thanksgiving.* Bring a special thanksgiving offering to His altar, and project yourself into the greater future He’s planned for you. Make your mark in thanking Him specially, and let the whole day be full of joy for you. Carry the atmosphere of thanksgiving with you home from the Church. At designated times of the day, have praise and thanksgiving sessions on your own, or with your family. *Make it an entire day of praise and thanksgiving, because you’re grateful for all that Christ is to you, and has accomplished on your behalf.* #CEABAKALIKI

Wow!is my birthday!Thank you Lord for this day. Is the morning of my life! #cewarrizone #church2 #ceuppererejuwa #treasurecellupperlite

#XmaswithPastorChris "Go tell it on the mountain'.....that the Global Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris is a family affair. So ensure you prepare the children for a special time in God's presence. Save the Date! 24th December 2016. #CEABAKALIKI

updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

God Almighty loves me endlessly and proved it by giving me His best (His only son Jesus), Now nothing in life is too good for me! #blessedme

For Who You are!We praise Your Name. With Joy in Our Hearts&Praise on our lips we welcome our Princess.Congrats Dcn&Dcns Akakbota#celafia

I'm deeply loved by Jesus!!!!..wow I love my Rhapsody of Realities.Have you read yours today?? #cephzone3

An addicted follower of the gospel. Ready do al that she can to ensure that al her staff and team members do not lack anything 4 their work.

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