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What shall we say of these things... #LPCSA2018 #BLWSAZONE

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Happy birthday Ma. I love you so much. Where do I start to thank you from? Your kindness and great love towards me have been most humbling. Thank you for being a precious big sister to me, for the countless gifts and for exuding God's love always. I love you too dearly

Happy birthday dearest PBA. You are a burning and shining light and an example in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Always great working with you . Greater heights for you . Congratulations . Anna, Jada, Joel and I love you specially.

I can already hear the opening address #LPCSA2018 #BLWSAZONE

#lpcsa2018 My fellow youngins let’s not miss this for anything, make sure you are there and come ready to get all (as Mom would say “Take the word like a goal keeper” 🤩🤩🤩) COME THRU WITH THE ENERGY YALL

And the man of God releasing the word with power #LPCSA2018 #BLWSAZONE

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The soldiers of God's Army in the SA Region will be built strong #LPCSA2018 #BLWSAZONE

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