Reachout Campaigns: 1,350 souls won already! The on KingsChat Web

1,350 souls won already! The distribution of Rhapsody of Realities has recorded testimonies of salvation. Get involved today! #RON2019 #Reachoutcampaigns

1,350 souls won already! The

Amazing Hosts on Un Nouveau Départ

RHAPATHON IS LIVE AND IT'S DAY 18!!! GLORIOUS TESTIMONIES AWAIT YOU??? #AMCRON2019 Rhapathon Day 18 with Rev. Tom is live @ You can join in live to participate. Send out this link, invite someone to view; you'd be glad you did. #CEAMC #REACHOUTCAMPAIGNS #MONTHOFMINISTRY

HAPPENING NOW! If you want changes in the Educational system, you start with the lecturers. More testimonies from Pastor Theo Owase - Zonal Secretary Loveworld Zone A. Keep watching! #RON2019 #Reachoutcampaigns

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Teens Segment on Un Nouveau Départ

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HOW TO PARTICIPATE FOR #GOVLNC Step 1: Register @ Step 2:  Invite someone and help them register Step 3:  Clear your schedule Step 4:  Write down your expectations Step 5:  Prayerfully prepare Step 6:  Participate live on Also click to download the CLoveWorld Mobile App from App Store  and Google Play Store now.   #GOVLNC

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#weareregisteredforkmc #weareattendingkmc #kmcberlin2019 #CEGermany #CEOffenbach

#weareregisteredforkmc #weareattendingkmc #kmcberlin2019 #CEGermany #CEOffenbach

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