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All things are working for my good

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I declare that every client I will ever talk to concerning my business respond to me positively becos am d light of d world #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I am victorious ever increasing and no stopping of me. I am fruitful and productive .The word of God is working in me mighty.

#declaration divine protection, health favour financial, prosperity divine connection new opportunity

My country is blessed, evil men are uprooted, there's pace in Nigeria, and the church of God is growing mightily. Amen #Mydeclaration

#mydeclaration # Jesus is my light and my path is brighther always, he is my sufficiency and my champion

Nothing can stand against me and prevail because the greater one lives inside of me# myfaithdeclaration.

Je maintiens ma victoire,ma domination et ma prospérité en Christ #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration#gates of nations are open to me for the gospel, I have supernatural supply of money to sponsor the gospel into nations.

I declare that there's continual peace and prosperity in the blessed nation Ghana and God's righteous cause prevails in the land;Hallelujah!

Unimaginable success supernaturally achieved. Biotic and Abiotic factors on earth and beyond are compelled to supernaturally favor me, my

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