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You can change situations and alter circumstances through your prayers.Join the Healing School Prayer Network today and register for the 2019 HealingSchool Online Prayer Conference@ https://ethsch.org/R6 Send prayer requests @ prayerrequest@enterthehealingschool.org #hspc #CEAMC

You can change situations and

#Cephzone2 #Cestationroad minstrels.

اقول هرجتني اقتبسس ولا اكنسل..!

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I'm inviting you #hspc #Nigeria #celz1rocks #ceexpressgroupaglow #ceshangisha

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Happy Birthday Sister Emo Ezie!Thank you for all you do for the gospel! You are passionate, dedicated,humble and full of loving kindness. We love you!

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I'm loved I'm a succes I live in divine health. I'm beautifull I have got the advantage I'm Jesus address Im a god ❤💥💥💫💫🥰


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