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You've been awesome! You and I with the Holy Spirit having a wonderful ride through the word in Christ Jesus!! ~ Dennis E.N. (President)

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A queen was born this day, Today we celebrate her, we celebrate her life & ministry #ewacvz4 #CeAkwa #Victory #HBDSisEEE

USE YOUR GIFTS FOR HIM As God's children, there's something unique about each one of us; we're all so uniquely graced and gifted by God. The Bible says,“…But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that”(1 Corinthians 7:7). Everything you are in Christ—all the gifts, talents, and abilities God has given you—are to be used for His glory. Whatever the Lord has taught you or is teaching you; whatever He has exposed you to and helped you to know, are all for the furtherance of the Gospel. Therefore, find the opportunity to use them to advance His agenda of soul winning. Read more in today's article.

USE YOUR GIFTS FOR HIM "Prayerfully consider what more you can do for the Lord. What more can you contribute? Become available; let others benefit from the Lord’s investment in you. You may not even know what you can do, but as you make yourself available, God’s Spirit will help you bring your gifts and talents to the fore." ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Learn more about how you can use your gifts for him in today's article of #RhapsodyOfRealities It will be sure to give your day a lift! ●○●○●○●○●○●○● Tap FOLLOW on CE UK Zone 1 Superuser for Fresh, Inspiring & Enriched Content #UKZONE1 The Zone with the Large Net #RhapsodyOfRealities #ROR #1BillionCopies

"Put all you’ve got into the furtherance of the Gospel. Be willing to spend and be spent for the Gospel."

CE Abuja Zone Digital Platforms Awareness Campaign Across all churches in Abuja. Today it was CE Kubwa. Thank Esteemed ZD & ZP #ceabujazone

IT'S TESTIMONY TIME - My testimony of Camp meeting Island Group of Zone A3. I'm Sister Marcelle from Haven Ikoyi (Billionaire Cell). I will like to say a big thank you to the Haven Leadership for leadership by inspiration and by the spirit. Special thanks to the international president Pastor GOKE, My ZD Dcn. Debo, my ZS and Cell leader Dcn. Ayo Adegboye and my Governor Sister Ochuko. This meeting was very special to me. During the day for destiny I sowed a seed of 1k USD for the first time in my life and my expectation was to have a job that would blow people's minds including mine. And it happened! Praise God! The salary was just wonderful! And I signed my contract. However during the camp meeting our International President asked us to take a few minutes close our eyes and the Holy Spirit will give us an outline for a higher level in our business and job. As my eyes were closed a voice told me that the salary that I got was a good one but it was at the level of my faith but not up to His will. He also asked me to change the figure and the amount He gave me was just wow! But I just said amen! On Monday the lady that is supposed to be my line manager in the new company called me and said the Grade they have me was not what I deserved and they will correct it. Now the key point here is that the increase of grade entails an increase of salary and I give all the glory to God ! Truly the word works. Pastor Goke I love you Sir. Thank you for teaching and raise us to shake the world.

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