Thaddeus Ugboka: updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

updated his profile photo

updated his profile photo

Pray for your dreams to come to pass, ask for things that look impossible. Don’t limit your destiny.#cebz3ronisqafc #mhis

Today is the Int'l day for the eradication of poverty...join the #endchildpovertynow campaign

Happy birthday to u sister Fatima the almighty grant u more grace and strength in all u do 💋

Wouldn't you rather take the pledge to #Endchildpoverty. I'm fully persuaded about it as you can see😃😆😍😚☺👇✋

Updated her profile photo

Don’t ask God to help you function better in your dysfunction,ask Him for your destiny,to propel you into your purpose.#cebz3ronisqafc #mhis

All that I have seen teaches me to trust God for all I have not seen. #cebz3ronisqafc

When you believe and it doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean God has failed you,it means He’s planning something better #cebz3ronisqafc #mhis

Happy Birthday Pastor Francis. Your precise and accurate knowledge always enable us to execute all our plans. I am glad to work with you.

Instead of considering your circumstances, start considering your God. #cebz3ronisqafc #mhis

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