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Jesus He is everything. Pastor Chris #NOBSA2016

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Working in Ushering during Nobsa was an experience. I have never worked in ushering department but enjoyed it. #NOBSA2016

In life nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude of achieving his goals!! #Spread #IncreaseInAbility #Prosper

Prosperity- An Ability to make others prosper! "~ 20th October 2013 ROR

I will walk in the right path you will fulfill my destiny that you have plans for me. I'm eternally speading.halluliah

The Holy Spirit is My Counsellor. #BeInspired #NOBAccra05022016

usher 's be advised pastor is coming with overdose

I'm spreading on every side The lord is with me There's no stopping me From the east, west, north and south I spread #songofthespirittome

father in the name of Jesus I understand frm the wrd of God tht utake charge of circumstantaces if I let u, I pray tht u oder ma steps today

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