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All things are working together so swiftly for my advancement.My name is coming out in sensitive quarters to be set on high #my declaration.

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#mydeclaration. I affirm 2018 is my 10in1year reality. I am totally debt free and so wealthy with riches untold,my family live in

#mydeclaration. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge n my fortress. My God, in him will I trust.the wicked stumbled n fell..hallelujah!!

The word of God in my spirit has increased, grew, multiplied and prevailed. I am a well watered garden #Mydeclaration #globalPrayerweek

#my declaration I declare I m exalted above all principality and power I declare I m raining in this life My life is full of glory

I declare I'm marvelously helped of the Lord to accomplish great and mighty things. #mydeclaration #cephz3

#mydeclaration Father I thank you for your knowledge that's in me, filling me with your wisdom, grace and giving me an understanding heart.

I declare dat de Lord has separated me frm the crowd to specifically bless me in all things in dis year of the supernatural. #mydeclaration

I'm Abraham seed, I'm blessed to be a blessing. God has made me a great nation, and by the day, he is making my name great #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I live in the fullness of God

I havr miraculous finances & financial miracles, I wake up to miracles everyday. My wealth is inexhaustible, it multiplies. #mydeclaration

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