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We join the host of heaven to celebrate with the Esteemed Pastor Chuka Ibeachum and Pastor Tayo Ojo on their promotion as Virtual Zonal Pastors in the UK region. Watch out for greater exploits in the United Kingdom and beyond. Congratulations Sirs. We love you.

We join the host of We join the host of

"When you want to spread u hve to be a kingdom addict..." -Pst Deola #ToolsForSpreading #Iclc2016

Yea I'm blessed

After #iclc2016 you can't function the same... Levels have increased... so much inspiration 🙌🏽🙌🏽

updated his profile photo

We are the engine of church growth. We have been trained to raise amazing partners of the gospel. #ICLC2016 #cebramptongroup #cecanada

Yippee it your Birthday P. Chinese of the most high I celebrate you on this very special day. Your commitment and passion is inspiring.

Happy Birthday to my indomitable Zonal Pastor - Pastor Tony Obi! All of us in CE Edinburgh love u dearly

Happy Happy Birthday Pst Chineye Opara. I love you.

No one else can do the things you do Lord! Hearty Congratulations to our very own Pst Reina on her ordination + her Birthday. #July17th#

God's general,a gift from God to d youth we love you sir keep spreading.

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