Dr Richie: It our month of Thanksgiving. on KingsChat Web

It our month of Thanksgiving. We sing praises to your name beautiful Lord and savior #cekano #nwvz2

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Ways to labour in the church.. 3. Labour in word and doctrine 4. Partnership #CeCharlotte #PstFamesha

We won't stop until the whole world knows you are the best sir. Happy Happy Birthday dearest Dad. I cherish you sir

Happy Birthday to the World's best Dad, Father, Mentor & Life Coach. I love u Pastor. #CeAluu, #GPHG, #Cephzone3

Happy Birthday to a legend of our time; our mentor and spiritual guide......Pastor Chris.

Thank you Pastor sir for continually building us strong for the next phase of our work with the Lord. We will forever thank you with RESULTS

The #1 reason why people don't respond to God's call to do something in his house is... S E L F I S H N E S S! #midweekservice #PstFamesha

Wednesday Service Celebrating our great man of God #dec7 #cebenoni #cesazone2

Shengri kuaile wo baba! Thank u for the words you've richly blessed me with which have made me into a champion. Wo hen ai ni! #dec7 #offer7

Still celebrating you sir. Thank you sir for making the path clearer for me to thread on.

That I could know God for myself with such deep revelations, that I thought so far. Thank you sir. I love you sir.

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