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#hlcph Day 2!!!!!!

#hlcph Day 2!!!!!!

UK ZONE 2 LEADERS AND WORKERS IGNITE CONFERENCE Then entered in the Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja with such tangible presence of the anointing that transformed the entire conference hall. After leading the delegates into a rapturous moment of prayer and worship, he then began to teach them on 'A Dynamic and Purposeful Leader'. In his teaching, Pastor Tony listed four things a dynamic leader must have as follows: 1. A vision for numerical growth, John 15;1-4, Matthew 12:30. 2. A vision for spiritual growth, Colossians 1:9-10, 3 John 1:2. 3. A vision for financial growth 4. A vision for leadership growth. He instructed the leaders to know what discipleship is all about, and make their members do the same thing as they do. He taught them to know that: * Discipleship is planned. * Discipleship is deliberate. * Discipleship is a process. Boy! With the insights received today, UK Zone 2 Leaders and Workers at the conference have definitely been moved to a new level of operation while being well positioned for GROWTH, EXPANSION and SUSTAINABILITY. Hallelujah! #UKZone2WorkersIgnite2019 #UKZone2 #HappeningNow


This exclusive interviews also availed him the ample opportunity to share with 5.4 Million listeners and viewers of various programs on the Future Africa Leaders Foundation's unwavering commitment in recognizing and supporting exceptional youth leaders who are resilient in the quest of developing local communities and improving livelihoods in Africa. Be a part of the GIA by launching the GIA in your Church, Community, School, College / University. Kindly register for the GIA today at www.futureafricaleadersfoundation.org

Happening Now! Lambano Cell PTI Church Football Outreach at PTI road. Picture highlights in the gallery below; #warriministrycentre

Считаем до февральского глобального причастия Служение с пастором Крисом. Будьте просветителем для многих через ваше спонсорство. Загрузите мобильное приложение Cetunes сегодня #LWRNetworks #Russia

Day 2 Conference with Pastor Ose what a wonderful Service

When God visits you Pastor's and leaders conference With Pastor Ose Oyakhilome #lightupyourworld #SAregion I🕺🏃‍♂️💫💃🕺💥

When God visits you Pastor's and leaders conference With Pastor Ose Oyakhilome #lightupyourworld #SAregion I🕺🏃‍♂️💫💃🕺💥

Happening Now Persistent Productivity team, CE Upper Erejuwa organizes Mega Cell Outreach at Sam Warri street. Glory!!! #warriministrycentre

#HLC2019 #DAY1 #HLCPH. LUKE 10: 39-42 that which is needful..

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