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Armor of God.

I can't keep it to meself am soon excited

I'm a more effective witness of d gospel of Christ. I'm continually hearng testimonies of His awesome power. It's still our yr of spreading.


QUESTION AND ANSWER SEGMENT WITH PASTOR CHRIS In today's Rhapsody, we learnt about the Essence of Worship. Below is a question on worship. Question: How do Christians worship in spirit and in truth? (Fidelis-USA) Answer: Well, first, it was Jesus who said that. He said, “God is a Spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” [John 4: 24]; “For the father seeketh such to worship him” [John 4: 23]. In fact, Jesus made it clear to us that it was the father’s desire; he said, “the father seeketh such to worship him,” [John 4: 23] because God is a spirit. So, if you are going to worship God, you are going to have to worship him in Spirit and in Truth. That’s exactly what Jesus said. Now, to worship God in spirit, you must have the Holy Spirit, because only the Holy Spirit can enable you to worship God in Spirit. Now, before Jesus made that statement people had been worshiping God in several different ways for many, many years. The men and women of the Old Testament did worship God. God actually gave them the forms of worship; he let them know how to do it, including singing. The Levites had singers—special singers. The priests ordered the worship. In spite of all that, Jesus said, this was not God’s desire. He said, “The time is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers…” [John 4:23]. He distinguished between the true worshipers and other worshipers. So, they had worshiped but now, he was revealing God’s reality. So, when he says “the true worshipers”, it was not to mean that the others were in falsehood but that he was talking about reality - those who would worship God as God actually desired. It’s like talking about the Old Testament and the laws. The bible says, “The law came by Moses, but grace and TRUTH came by Jesus Christ” [John 1:17] which means that Jesus actually brought to us what God’s heart really was. The laws of the Old Testament—the laws of Moses - were righteous laws but they couldn’t produce salvation, and so, Jesus brought salvation; Jesus brought reality. Jesus brought the Father’s heart; Jesus came to reveal to us what God really was like, and so, he said the true worshipers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. So, you must have the Holy Spirit first. #iExpand #vision400 #NCRegion

Happy Birthday to Governor Oladipo Odujobi, Congratulations sir! #havenconventionwithpastorchris #vision400

Happy birthday dearest Bro. MJ. You're a sure blessing. Thanks for all you do for us. Your life can only flourish. I love you big. #MJ10



The world will see and experience Christ through me and glorify Him as Lord for their salvation. Praise God forever and ever. Amen.

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