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Happy Birthday Dearest Bro Lemarkiss! Your life is a continuous testimony of God’s Love, Might and Power! You are a shining light, so full of wisdom and supernatural abilities! Your future is blessed and prosperous! Your days are from Glory to Glory! You always bring so much joy to our church because you radiate joy & laughter! “YAAY KEVIN” 😉 Happy Birthday from all of us! We love you so very dearly! #CENorthYork #HappyBirthday

Happy Birthday Dearest Bro Lemarkiss!
Chidinma Anonye


Happy Birthday to this bundle of joy and laughter!! Thank your for being such a wonderful, talented and bright young man. We love you Lemarkiss!! 🎉🎊🎂🎈

Julie B U~ HUIOS OF GOD ☆♡☆


Happy Birthday Lamarkiss. Thank you for bringing so much excitement, laughter to Children church. We love you dearly. 🎉🎊😊🤗

Dcns Molly- Huios of God


Happy Birthday Bro Lemarkiss.You are so so blessed and precious. You are a the light of the world shinning so brightly. You are so vibrant and full of Joy. You are so so loved. Love you dearly.

Sis Temi Huios of God


Happy Birthday wonderful Bro LeMarkiss! You are a wonder, a city on the hill that can’t be hidden, your life is a testimony, you are the answer to your generation. Wishing you a beautiful day-we love you so dearly. God Bless you !

Rhapsody Homecoming Service. Our brethren got to introduce their invites and allow them to share on the impact of the Rhapsody upon their lives.

Reaaaaaaddyyy #RoRROAR2020 #DSPUKZONE32020

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Recieving my 2020 Top Partner's Award from my Highly Esteemed Mentor, Father and Friend Pastor Christopher Teagle #TangibleUnction #AnnointingwithResults #ManofExcellence #YearofPerfection #SpiritMoney #FaithisNow

Happy wedding Anniversary Dear Bro Kenneth and Sis Jennifer Ghereje Increased glory and fruits of righteousness in your lives I love you #ottawa

Rhapsody Homecoming Service Souls were won, while some renewed their commitment to the Lord.

Happy Birthday Dear Sis Ines It's your season of Perfection and glorious things are spoken of you Thank you for your commitments in church. The Lord perfects all that concerns you and increase the fruits of your righteousness I love you #ottawa

You: I have received the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness!I reign in life.I have the nature of God! #wordfest2.0 #wordatwork #CEBrisbane #CEAustralia

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