Isaiaheffiom: Super hot ZONAL IPPC #IPPCinyourcity on KingsChat Web

Super hot ZONAL IPPC #IPPCinyourcity #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

Super hot ZONAL IPPC #IPPCinyourcity Super hot ZONAL IPPC #IPPCinyourcity

HIGHLY ESTEEMED CEC MEMBER; REV. RAY OKOCHA TAKES ON "THE REWARD OF PARTNERSHIP" AT #IPPCINCEAMC 2 Sam 7:11 As a partner, God himself will build you a house. ......the house of David grew stronger and stronger! STAY GLUED FOR MORE SUPERNATURAL UPDATES! #CEAMC #CEABUJAMINCENTRE

Life refreshing atmosphere #IPPCinyourcity2018 #TeamCalabarrocks #CalMC

How you dance into Naval Dockyard for #unforgettableexperience2018 with our beloved man of God Pastor @enahorozedomi ... #cevi1 #cevigroup #cevichurch1 #celz5

Super session with A Member of the CEC - The Most highly Esteemed Rev Ray Okocha!! The Eternal partner !!

# UKZONE2much #IPPCInYourCity2018

Day 1: IPPC In Your City Highlights from today's 4 Key Conference Sessions 🔸️ Pastor Lanre Alabi - Lesson from Psalm 37 1) Don't look around. Don't look at what others are doing. 2) Set your affection on things above - let things that have eternal value be what have value to you. 3) Go into the world to so what Jesus said to do. If you do this, you cannot envy those whom you were sent to save. 4) Don't forsake our assembly together. 🔸️Pastor Rasvan - Ministering To The Lord Everything will be tested by fire, what will be tested is your passion. We serve God because we love him. Let everything you do be motivated by your love for God. 🔸️Rev. Ray Okocha - The Eternity of Partnership When you partner with our Man of God, Rev. Chris you are laying up foundation for yourself for ages to come and for all of eternity. 🔸️Pastor Biodun Lawal - The Reward of Partnership God gives Partners; 1) Revelation 2) Authority 3)Position of Authority 4) The Priviledge of Tithing 5) Grace 6) Divine Visitation, Phillipians 2:24 7) Divine Protection, Zachariah 2:8 #UKZONE2MUCH #IPPCInYourCity2018

2018 Zppc day1 evening session with my lovely wife

Day 1 @ IPPC 2018 ZONAL EDITION_NSSVzone1 The excitement rises as brethren troop into the premises for a life transforming conference. #ippc2018 #ippc2018bus #ippcinmycity #TLB #cebayelsa #ceughelli #cesapele #themovingBUS #NSSVZONE1 #nssr

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