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God delights in your prosperity, speak the word and possess your possessions 3 John 2 "beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth". #wealthaffirmations #blwsazonea #campusministryrocks

God delights in your prosperity,
St Bernley Maloko


More doors of Financial opportunities🤑

Pastor Thabo


I am recovering all financial opportunities and channels!!!!

Updated his profile photo

💥💥💥DAY 17: SPECIAL EXPOSÉ ON SOUL WINNING (Featuring Highlights on RECOVERY!!) 🎁MESSAGE: CHRIST'S PURPOSE IN YOU (Vol 3, Part 4) Discover how you can take a hold of the future and change your world with God’s word, also to be brought into a new life of health, righteousness, success and wealth in Christ. Log on to to participate in today's study #exposeonsoulwinning #kccsmw2020 #blwzonec #blwcampusministryrocks

To make a mark in this life, you must be resolute and courageous enough to take action on your dreams. #Action

Cars are dropping like rain in Longrich. Join this amazing platform today. As shared by a partner👇🏻👇🏻 My 4th Car in Longrich! My business pays! This is a business I never thought I could do coming from an Accounting background with all of my experience. It didn’t look like what professionals do but after looking at my older sister SD2 Ozinna Obasi smash goals with this business, I decided it was time to try. Today I have been liberated financially, I have achieved so much asides from this car. This is just one of the things I can now do because I have my own money. My husband is so proud of me. I bought this alongside 2 of my team members under my leadership! This is impact in clear form. Many people now live the lives of their dreams because they said yes to this opportunity through my leadership. You too can be part of this and have your life transformed. Send me a message and I can show u how. DM via whatsap +2348103057910 #allthingsworktogetherforgood #gospel #music #beauty #bee #buy_and_sell #womensmagazine #abujaministrycentre #international #financialsuccess #Entrepreneurial

Birthday Count up!! 2 days only Angels are strong and they have muscles. They listen and obey the word of God. They are just waiting to hear your instruction. You shall have whatever you say. Hallelujah! @PstSenga6/03/2020 #HBDZD2708 #MKSENGA #Zonaloffice #ZoneE4 #TheHavennation

#Inspiration #3DaysToGo #PerfectPKC #P28CelebratingGrace #BlwZoneL

Things will not happen by themselves , we have to make it happen. #Action #Life

Christ purpose in u

18th to 19th of September is a date with DIVINITY, ladies are you READYYYYYYYYYY # LLNinauguralMeeting #TheNextBigThing #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

The best relationships are those with an equal balance between communication and action. #Action #Communication #relationship

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