Fox News: Russian re-enacts famous World War on KingsChat Web

Russian re-enacts famous World War II parade with vintage tanks, uniforms in Moscow Thousands of Russian troops dressed in World War II-era uniforms marched alongside vintage tanks in Moscow’s Red Square Thursday in a re-enactment of a parade that symbolized the former Soviet Union’s determination to defeat the Nazis.

Russian re-enacts famous World War

North Korean fishermen accused of killing 16 crew members before fleeing to South Korea are deported Two North Korean fishermen who were discovered to have killed 16 other crew members on their boat before fleeing to South Korean waters last week were deported back to the communist nation on Thursday, according to officials.

Boston Dynamics boss learned by unbalancing toddler Marc Raibert tells BBC News he nudged his daughter over just to work out how people balance.


#PstMtho #cekensington Happy birthday Pastor Sir, thank you for your feeding us the undiluted word of God continually, l love and appreciate you. Happy glorious blessings filled birthday!

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Italy law requiring alarms for child car seats takes effect A law requiring parents in Italy to equip car seats for young children with alarm devices went into effect Thursday.

Quebec rejects French woman's residency application because thesis chapter was in English A French citizen's application for residency in Quebec was denied because she wrote one of her thesis chapters in English and therefore "didn't demonstrate" proper knowledge of the French language, according to a report.

Mourners gather as Mexico community buries 3 of 9 Americans killed in cartel massacre The first funeral for victims of this week's cartel massacre that killed nine American women and children was held Thursday in the remote La Mora farming community in northern Mexico, as a mother and her two sons were laid to rest in hand-hewn pine coffins in a single grave.

Ex-stripper who had lover kill fiance, then had lover killed gets 28 years: reports An Australian ex-stripper who convinced her lover to kill her fiancé, then later arranged for the lover to be killed, was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in prison, according to reports.

Iranian beauty queen stuck at Manila airport fears deportation: 'Sometimes, I'm losing my mind' An Iranian beauty queen who has been detained at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino airport since Oct. 17 while she seeks asylum in the Philippines spoke out this week about her current situation and its effect on her mental health.

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