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GYLF AMBASSADORS EXTENDS LOVE TO DRUG ADDICTS IN MALAYSIA Inspired by the Word of the man of God, Pastor Chris to take the Gospel to the unreached, GYLF ambassadors in Kuala Lumpur reached out to drug addict who have lost everything and had no hope for the future. As they shared the message of the Gospel emphasising on the love the father has towards them, faith was stirred in them and many believed the word of God and were converted.  Praise God! #GYLF #400percentincrease #vision400


Glory to God forever more. #pastormaryinwarrisouth#cemwzjcomc#cemidwestzone

#TheHavenConventionWithPastorChris #THENUMBERONEZONE #TheHavenZoneE1 #HagarAmad #1Daytogo

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Updated his profile photo

Get involved today! #pastormaryinwarrisouth#cemwzjcomc#cemidwestzone

#Vision400 ARE YOU FISHING OR SITTING BY THE LAKE? The day you received Christ, you were empowered to win souls; Jesus made you a fisher of men  and a watchman. You can't afford sitting by the lake not fishing. You have to throw in the net because the harvest is plenty and you have to tighten the cords because you also can't afford allowing your net to break due to the magnitude of your harvest. Here are few guidelines to help you fish for souls. Firstly, you have to recognize that God cherishes a soul winner. Proverbs 14:15a says, "The King's favour is towards a wise servant..." and Proverbs 11:30 states that "...he that winneth souls is wise." You're on a mission. Become aware of your calling; see with the eyes of your spirit and you will understand the importance of soul winning to God. Secondly, your sphere of contact is your first base for fishing. If you are a businessman or businesswoman, an engineer, a student, doctor or housewife, where you operate is a good platform for soul winning. It is your chariot; focus on the treasures in that chariot and don't be carried away by the beauty of the chariot.  Lastly, use different avenues to introduce the gospel. Your personal testimony of salvation can be a very effective tool. Set out your plans prayerfully. Psalms 37:5 says, "commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass". Be expectant when you pray. It tightens the net. It is the key to achieving results. Take also with you books, magazines, tracts and tapes and be prepared to give them out. Exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses or contact addresses with your new converts to follow them up and ensure they grow and become established in the Lord.  Be a blessing to your convert, not a burden. Be inspiring and edifying with your life and practise hospitality. Our Man of God says "God needs you. He needs you as a labourer in His vineyard. He wants you to proclaim what He's done for you, and share His love and goodness with your world because he bought the whole field". God bless you. #FollowPastorChris #vision400onmymind #vision400areality #followPastorChris #NERegion #NNEVZ1

When you discover the truth of God's word it will affect the way you think and talk #pastormaryinwarrisouth#cemwzjcomc#cemidwestzone

It doesn't matter how dark the tunnel is, the Word of God is able to light up your path #pastormaryinwarrisouth#cemwzjcomc#cemidwestzone

The word of God has the ability to produce in you the fruits of what it talks about. #pastormaryinwarrisouth#cemwzjcomc#cemidwestzone

Zazaza zezeze bradakesh glory all the way to Lagos .... Pastor we are coming and ready #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris #TheHavenZoneE2

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