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Happy Father's Day to my father and Boss. I love you Sir.

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Happy Father day dad. Your impact in my life is beyond words, indescribeable..I love you.

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Happy Fathers day to my dad! Thank you so much for your genuine love and care. Pastor thank you for teaching me the difference between faith and faithfulness. Thank you for the values you've instilled in me and believing in me. I love you with all my heart Sir ❤

Happy Father's Day Pastor Sir. Thank you for the many opportunities to serve in Ministry. Thank you for your fatherly role in my life. Happy Father's day Sir

“Nothing else matters except that which we do for the Lord.” ~ Pastor Florence Amosa

Happy father's day Pastor sir.I just want to say thank you sir. I love you so dearly! #dadlikenoother #myowndad #tillJesusreturns #lovemydad


Happy Father's Day to the best Generals of God's Army for this end time

Happy Father’s Day To my Dad! Thank you for being our Superhero and for making me a champion! I love you so much sir .

Happy Father's Day Sir!!! #pddinspires #lgnrules

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